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Before your session...

  • Please arrive 15 minutes earlier on your first appointment to fill out an intake form and time to converse with your Reiki practitioner about any questions or concerns your may have regarding your session.

  • Dress in comfortable attire. You will remained fully clothed during the session, however you can remove your socks if you wish.

  • Refrain from using alcohol, caffeine, nicotine, or drugs before the session. Hydrate before the session. This allows your body optimal opportunity for healing during and after a Reiki session.

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  • Reiki is not a replacement for prescribed medical treatment by your doctor. It is a tool to aid in your healing. Please continue your medical treatment as prescribed.

  • Reiki works best if a person is patient with their healing, is ready to let go of negative behaviors and feelings, and wants the end result of their sessions to be for the highest good for their well-being.

After your session...

  • Drink water, get some rest.

  • Continue on a positive path of healing.

  • Journal your experience. If you want to, bring your journal to your next session.

  •  Please call if you have any questions or you would like to book another session.

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