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COVID 19 Virus Safety Precautions 

It is out of respect and courtesy, the client and practitioner protect each other from potential COVID19 virus exposure during this unprecedented time.

If the client has any of the COVID19 virus symptoms or has been exposed to people with symptoms of the virus, the client is to not come to the scheduled appointment but to call prior to the appointment to reschedule and to stay home.

To keep the client and the practitioner safe, both are to wear a fresh safety mask before, during, and after the session.

The practitioner is requesting the client upon arrival to use hand sanitizer and to fill out a form regarding Covid19 safety precautions and a form regarding their session. Theses forms are essential and necessary since the practitioner will be in close proximity to the client during the session.

Before the session the practitioner will sanitize the massage table and other surfaces the client may be in contact with during the session.  Linens used  will also be sanitized prior to the session. The practitioner will sanitize their hands before engagement with the client's body during the session.

If the client has any questions regarding the the safety precautions the practitioner takes before, during, and after a session, the client is asked to contact the practitioner prior to the appointment. 


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