What is Reiki?

Channeling Golden Vortex healing energy

(Rei) Universe/spirit     (Ki) life force energy


Reiki is a safe, gentle, Japanese technique to reduce stress and assist in relaxation, giving the body an opportunity for healing.   A Reiki practitioner will lightly lay their hands on the body (or above the body) to move universal life force energy (Rei) into and around the body to where it is needed to raise the vibration in a person’s own life force energy flow (Ki) .  A person may form blockages in their body's energy flow due to stress, emotional upset, physical distress, or environmental factors.  Reiki  assists in the removal of those blockages . 


Reiki can be  an alternative therapy to massage or acupuncture. For some, having  a lot of pressure applied to their  body is not very  comfortable.  Reiki can be preformed on or off the body. Very little pressure is applied by the practitioner  during a session.


Reiki is not  a substitute for services performed by doctors, psychotherapists, counselors, or chiropractors but can work in tandem with those services by medical  professionals.